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Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ayşegül Sivri stated that the importance given to breast beauty dates back centuries ago and said, “In the years before Christ, women made their breasts prominent by
tightening their waist areas with clothes with ties.



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Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Ayşegül Sivri stated that the habit of drinking water from the bottle is a habit that should be abandoned and said, “The movements made while drinking water from the bottle cause permanent lines, especially around the lips.”




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Childbirth, breastfeeding, advancing age… These are the reasons that cause breast sagging and are the result of a very natural process. Every woman has breast sagging after breastfeeding. At the same time, as age progresses, breasts sag downwards. This is a very natural result. After all, the effect of gravity should not be ignored. If you look at your breasts and see that they are sagging, there is nothing to worry about. Because many women like you have the same
problem. However, the problem of sagging breasts is a problem that can bother most women and even cause them to lose their self-confidence to a serious extent. There is a lot of content on the internet that breast sagging can be prevented by doing sports. However, the truth is that it is almost impossible to shape breasts with sports. Because the main cause of breast sagging is the loss of elasticity of the skin and the shrinkage of the mammary glands. It is a dream to shape breasts by doing sports, doing various exercises and even eliminating breast sagging. You can only prevent your breasts that have not sagged with exercise from sagging in the future. But do not worry. As there is a cure for everything in medicine, there is also a cure for breast sagging. Today, plastic surgery operations have become much easier and more common in the light of developing technology. Going under the knife is not a big deal today, as it used
to be in the past. Patients are now much more comfortable during and after the aesthetic surgery operation. For this reason, you can find a solution to your breast sagging problem with breast aesthetics. Breast lift surgery is the type of breast aesthetics that will appeal to you. However, breast augmentation or breast reduction operations can also meet your needs. Breast aesthetics is a very good opportunity for many women to love themselves again. Although physical
appearance is important for everyone, it is much more important for women. Every woman wants to love the reflection she sees when she looks in the mirror. Physical appearance supports self-confidence. In addition, a feminine appearance can increase the weight of this supportive quality even more. For this reason, breast aesthetics becomes even more important. With breast aesthetics, you are not only restoring a part of your body, you are also refreshing your soul. After breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift surgery, you renew yourself both physically and mentally. Breast aesthetic operations are not operations that you should be afraid of. After breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift operations, the patient can often return to her daily life after a period of rest without any problems and comfort. Breast augmentation is an aesthetic operation generally preferred by women who find their breasts small. Breast  augmentation is performed to the degree that your plastic surgeon finds appropriate and you want. Breast reduction surgery is suitable for women with large breasts. Again, breast reduction is performed in the amount that your plastic
surgeon finds appropriate and in line with your wishes. As for the breast lift procedure, a breast lift is usually performed for sagging or misshapen breasts. A younger appearance is achieved after the breast lift operation. There are some prejudices against breast aesthetics among women. One of them is that the mother cannot breastfeed if she gives birth after the breast lift operation. This is only a rumor. Milk ducts are not blocked in any of the breast aesthetic operations and breast augmentation surgeries. If you go down the path of breast aesthetics with a good plastic surgeon, you should have no doubts about breastfeeding. Because the area where the operation is performed and the milk ducts are located do not overlap in a good breast aesthetic operation. For this reason, there is no situation that prevents breastfeeding after breast aesthetics. If you have pregnancy plans in the coming years, you can have breast aesthetics without any question marks in your mind. In breast reduction and lifting, these conditions can often be met. Another reservation of women who have aesthetics is the thought that there will be scars after the surgery. Considering the medical conditions of the current year, this is no longer a big problem. Especially after breast reduction surgery, there may be a possibility of scarring. However, the visibility of scars can often be reduced by applying scar treatment after surgery. It is
possible to get rid of scars with various scar creams or silicone gels.


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Today, with the advancement of technology, a great momentum has been gained in the medical and surgical field as in every field. Aesthetic operations are now much easier, more comfortable and faster. In our country, applications that used to be known as tedious and costly have now become much more accessible and widespread by people. In fact, it is appropriate to say that the number of people without aesthetics is still less than the number of people with aesthetics. However, there are still some people who have reservations about aesthetic procedures. The biggest reason for these reservations is the misinformation and rapidly spreading information. There is a lot of common misinformation about breast aesthetics. In this article, we will try to convey to you how the misinformation about breast aesthetics is correct.

  •  A woman who has undergone breast aesthetic surgery cannot breastfeed.

In none of the breast augmentation operations, no procedure is performed to block the ducts of the milk glands. In breast reduction and breast lift, these conditions are usually met. The implants included in the breast in breast augmentation are usually placed under the milk glands. Thus, there is no obstacle to breastfeeding. In the breast lift procedure, it is performed with breast tissue in patients with adequate breast size, and here again, there is usually no situation that will prevent you from breastfeeding. The most expected situation to prevent breastfeeding is breast reduction surgery, but in this breast aesthetic procedure, breast reduction is performed by preserving the milk glands as a result of the prudence
of the plastic surgeon. For this reason, when you decide to have a breast aesthetics, you need to do a very good doctor research.

The desired dimensions for breast augmentation surgery can be chosen by the patient. For breast augmentation surgery, the size of the new breasts is not determined solely by the patient. This is a decision that the plastic surgeon and the patient should take together. Because there are many factors that will affect breast size. For example, the width of the rib cage, the patient’s lifestyle, whether the patient does professional sports or not are some of the issues that can affect the breast size. For this reason, it is not possible for the patient to decide on the size of the breast augmentation surgery alone. The plastic surgeon must determine a size as a result of his/her own knowledge and experience.

  • There is no problem of breast sagging after breast augmentation surgery.

If your breasts are very small before breast augmentation surgery, for example if they are A cup, you will not experience breast sagging in the future. Even if you do, it will be a very small amount, an amount that is not even noticeable to the eye. However, if your size is C cup or larger, this means that you have some breast tissue. Even if the prosthesis added with breast augmentation surgery does not slip, if your own breast sags, you may experience breast sagging after breast augmentation surgery. When you experience such a problem, you can practically restore your breasts to a new form with breast lift surgery.

  • There is a lot of scarring after breast reduction surgery.

With the breast reduction procedure, a breast size that is proportional to the patient’s body is targeted. In line with this goal, breast aesthetic operation is performed. Some scars may remain after the surgery, but your doctor will give you suggestions for your scars to disappear after the breast reduction procedure. Scars are not a potential problem that can scare you and cause you to give up breast aesthetic operations. It is an ordinary and definite solution.

  • Someone who has had a breast aesthetic operation should have the same procedure done again after 10 years

In the past, breast aesthetic procedures, especially breast augmentation procedures, there were problems with the prostheses placed in the breast. But we are talking about very old years. In the past, the prostheses were melting and slipping inside the breast; in short, the form of the prosthesis was changing. However, today, there are no such problems regarding breast aesthetics. There is no reason for the prosthesis to expire and need to be reinserted. Once you have breast augmentation surgery, you can use your prosthesis for many years if you take good care of yourself.


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Breast aesthetic surgeries are one of the most performed and most desired aesthetic operations today. However, most women do not dare to have breast augmentation surgery, thinking that it will be very painful and burdensome after surgery. However, the process of breast augmentation surgery is not a difficult process. Likewise, it is not difficult during breast augmentation surgery. Many people are curious about this subject and want to get information. The process after breast augmentation surgery is as curious as the breast augmentation surgery process. In this article, we will try to explain this process in the most detailed way, in question and answer form.

When Can I Return to Daily Life After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

After breast augmentation surgery, you will be able to meet your vital needs. You can stand up and go to the toilet, you can eat easily. However, it is recommended by doctors to rest at home for a few days. If you have a desk job that does not require heavy movements, you can easily return to work after resting at home for three days. You can take a shower as of the next day, provided that you do not touch or rub the breast area. You should also wear an underwire-free bra
for one month after the operation. These are sold as sports bras. For 1 month, you are forbidden to do heavy sports. However, after breast augmentation surgery, you can do light sports without sweating, but again, it is useful to wait 2 weeks for this. In summary, you can do anything you want one month after your breast augmentation surgery. It takes approximately six months for your breast to take its full form.

How long does a person who has breast augmentation surgery stay in the hospital?

In the past, patients were hospitalized for days because the surgeries were more severe. However, discharge times are no longer so long. The hospital environment demoralizes patients. Even that smell we call hospital odor both disturbs the patients and lowers their mood. Since patients are more comfortable in their own homes, their recovery process is faster. For this reason, patients who undergo breast augmentation surgery are usually discharged after one day.

How Long After Breast Augmentation Surgery Can I Start Sports?

After leaving the surgery and resting at home for three days, light walks can be done, provided that you do not use your arms too much. However, it is essential to wait at least one month to do exercises that require you to move your upper body. Otherwise, the shape of the chest may deteriorate. Similarly, you should wait at least two months for swimming. The minimum time to visit a solarium or sauna is also one month. However, the situation for solarium and sauna is
different from sports. Because these can be decided depending on the condition of the scar. It is therefore advisable to consult your doctor before going to the solarium or sauna.

No stitches, dressings and drains after surgery. What happens to leaks and blood?

Medical technology and surgical techniques are now very advanced. The patient’s comfort is aimed to be at the best level. For this reason, the use of drains is almost non-existent except for major surgeries. Thanks to the devices used during breast augmentation surgery, bleeding into the tissues does not occur. In addition, there are now self-melting stitches. Therefore, the issue of suture removal can be said to be a thing of the past. Since the suture area is
also covered with high-tech tapes, there is no possibility of the suture area getting infected. All these advantages provided by modern medicine allow the patient to be more comfortable in the process after breast augmentation surgery and to return to her daily life faster. As in all aesthetic operations, the most important point in breast augmentation surgery is the choice of doctor. If you can trust your doctor and your doctor has good communication with you, if your doctor is open and clear with you, you are so comfortable before and after surgery. We know it’s a cliché, but the happier the patients enter the surgery, the more comfortable the postoperative process is. In addition, thanks to modern medicine, the surgery and anesthesia techniques developed are completely based on the comfort of the patient. Therefore, do not let breast augmentation surgery and the postoperative process intimidate you. If you do not like and dislike yourself, it is in your hands to change this!



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I wanted to point out some things that should be known and applied for faster recovery and good results after breast surgery. Whether it is breast augmentation or breast reduction surgery;
1. Return to your daily life as soon as possible: Staying in illness mode for a long time delays recovery. Therefore, you should continue your daily life, provided that you follow some of the rules set by your doctor, it is extremely important that you do not remain bedridden. In addition, the healing process will be faster as movement will increase blood circulation. Let the surgical site heal on its own. You only need to protect it from traumas.

2. Apply ice to your chest intermittently: Cold application prevents swelling as it will prevent edema in that area. In fact, edema is the body’s defense mechanism. It is nothing to be afraid of. But if it swells too much, it can be visually disturbing. It is never something permanent. Swelling increases in the first 3 days. It starts to decrease after the third day.

3. Remove the bandages outside the wound area in consultation with your doctor: These bands have the benefit of joining the wound lips and preventing infection by closing the wound. However, if they stay on longer than necessary, they may prevent the area from breathing and impair healing. So follow your doctor’s advice about the tapes to the letter.

4. Listen to your body: You can do the movements your body allows you to do. These are the movements we do for daily tasks. Dressing, undressing, bathing, etc. Pain will guide you here. If you feel pain during the movement, you should restrict that movement. Also, avoid movements that will stretch and strain the wound area too much for 3-4 months to prevent the scar from widening.

5. Use the prescription given to you: In addition to your painkillers, use the antibiotics prescribed for infection control regularly and to the fullest extent. In the meantime, if you are taking medication for a permanent condition, continue to take these as well.

6. After the 4th day, you can gently massage the open areas of your breast with a moisturizing cream: This helps to remove the edema more quickly. It also accelerates the fusion of the tissues and the shaping of the breast.

7. Wear a sports bra for 1 month after surgery: The sports bra tidies the breast and prevents it from shaking during movement. In this way, healing of the wound is not difficult. Sports bras do not damage the surgery area. Underwire or lace bra trims cause pain in the newly operated breast and cause distress in shaping. 8. Do not prefer very hot water in the bath for the first week: Hot water increases edema and delays wound healing.

9. Avoid lifting heavy objects: You should avoid movements that will overstrain your arm and chest muscles, if you insist on doing these, a kind of trauma will occur in your chest area. This is a situation that negatively affects the capsule formed around the silicone in the first 1 month. It may also cause scar enlargement. Examples of these movements are lifting heavy loads, taking heavy items from high shelves.

10. Avoid heavy sports for 1 month, solarium and sauna for 2 months after the surgery: Especially when doing arm sports, the area where the silicone is placed may be traumatized in the first 1 month as the wound is still fresh. Since the incision area is more in breast reduction, stretching in the fresh wound parts causes the scars to expand. For these reasons, heavy sports should not be practiced for the first 1 month. You can take a walk. Hot environments such as sauna, solarium and Turkish bath cause edema in the tissues during the healing process. As a result; Even if your breast aesthetic surgery goes very well, if you do not follow some rules, the results may not be as good as they should be. Because these rules have emerged with years of experience.

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